What’s Your ING? Discover One of the Best Places to Vacation in BC

Years ago my husband and I were hiking the iconic West Coast Trail located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  (A magnificent hike should you ever get the opportunity)  The hike is challenging!  Over 75 km long, it can take five to seven days to complete.  About four days into our trip we came across two hikers from Saskatchewan.  We stopped to chat and shared a wonderful pot of coffee together as we sat and enjoyed a break.  Our conversation quickly turned to British Columbia and I will never forget their comments.  They asked if there were “activity police” on patrol in our province.  We didn’t understand their question and asked them to clarify.  Before beginning their hike they spent a few days exploring the Lower Mainland and were amazed at the many recreational opportunities available at our doorstep.  They were also impressed how British Columbians took full advantage of these opportunities.

Over the years, I have often reflected on their comments and since meeting them I have tried to find an ING to enjoy each day.  What’s an ING you ask?  Well ING adds action and according to our Saskatchewan friends British Columbians like to ING!  

You really can not find a better location to explore your ING than The Springs RV Resort. Located in Harrison Hot Springs the area offers endless ING opportunities. (Hint: Golfing, Biking, Reading, Swimming, Hiking, Grilling…to name just a few)

Read more – What’s Your Ing? Discover all the possibilities at one of the best places to vacation in BC, Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs.

Harrison - Springs RV - Best places to vacation in BC

Enjoy swimmING in the heated pool.

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