What ActiveMama and Her Family Thought of Springs RV Resort – Springs RV Resort Reviews

We were excited to host ActiveMama blogger Arieanna Schweber and her family during their July 2014 stay at Springs RV Resort!

Here is her Springs RV Resort review:  We spent this past weekend at the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, a luxury resort for RV owners. Just 90 minutes from Vancouver, Springs RV Resort offers the benefits of resort living (pools, hot tubs, club house, warm weather, community) at a fraction of the cost of cottage living in British Columbia. By becoming owners at Springs RV Resort, you become a part of what looked to be a very tight community. We have been considering a local vacation property, so we thought this visit was a great opportunity for us to see if the RV lifestyle was for us. Springs rv resort Growing up, I spent my summers in Ontario at an RV Resort in Sauble Beach, so I was familiar with this kind of RV lifestyle. Most of the owners here are not taking their RVs elsewhere, but instead are treating this as their cottage during the Summer months, staying for the whole summer or coming from time to time. The Resort was bustling with activity: kids on their bikes, families playing in the pool, people sun tanning and many people enjoying their extended living spaces. Unlike the RV experience I grew up knowing, with grassy yards and simple fire pits, most people here have raised decks and gazebos, outdoor kitchens and beautiful fire pits. It’s quite the lifestyle!

The Springs RV Resort Community

IMG 9864IMG 9859IMG 9816IMG 9865 After completion of the second phase of construction, the 12.5 acre Springs RV Resort will have 209 RV Owners. Unlike some other RV sites, Springs RV Resort only offers a select number of rental lots, transitioning to a full ownership community. This kind of organization promises to create a very tight knit community that I think many people will find appealing. Most of our 2 night, 3 day visit it felt like we were staying at a luxury hotel. The site has been designed with a very “BC” feel, with the exposed wood buildings and landscaping, and the pool was perfect. The on-site playground, the vintage carousel, and the outdoor pavilion offered more benefits to the community. The carousel has a lot of history, coming from the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, and is quite a unique feature for the kids. IMG 9838IMG 9740 While we were there, we took part in one of the weekly Gourmet Burger nights in the pavilion. The same weekend the kids made tie die shirts and had an outdoor movie night. I can imagine the existing spaces and activities, combined with the new club house building, will go a long way to offering additional places for the community to expand to and mingle together outside the confines of the RVs and lots.

Cottage Life Meets Resort Lifestyle

IMG 9656 I felt like Springs RV offered an alternative that was half way between a resort and a cottage. What we personally find appealing about the idea of a cottage is the ability to go somewhere regularly during the warmer months, staying for weekends or longer (particularly given our flexible work-from-home jobs), and becoming a part of a community in the process. Given the cost of land around here, finding a cottage that is close to a body of water (lake / ocean), part of a seasonal community (so you’re not just buying a house or town home somewhere else!) and is easily accessible from Vancouver is nearly impossible (ok, it’s possible, but expensive). What you don’t often get in these cottage communities is the amenities we saw this past weekend at Springs RV Resort. While the lots aren’t huge, owners at Springs RV were definitely making the most of their space: decks, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, “shabins” (shed / cabins that offer bunk beds for kids or guests), sheds, fire pits and more. The lots vary in size, as you would expect, with a select number of lots that can even be shared between two families (so the ‘deck’ living area would be communal, offering more space). Some of the lots border right on the creek, which is backed by a greenbelt and is beautifully serene. IMG 9732IMG 9766 What about the RV, you ask? Well, RVs come in so many different options that it’s hard to review that portion. The RV we stayed in had a huge living area, but only one bedroom. We used an air mattress in the living area as our second sleep area. From experience, I know that you’re really not spending very much time in the actual RV – it’s kind of like a hotel room. You have a super organized place for all your stuff, a comfortable place to relax at night, a well-stocked kitchen, and places to sleep. Growing up, my family had an RV with bunks for the kids and more convertible sleep spaces for guests. If you also want to work from your RV, you need to consider how that layout fits your needs. IMG 9617IMG 9618 We stayed in an RV near the entrance of the property, backing onto the pool area. While the location was very convenient for our several little biking trips, we did find it noisy at night. That was one of the major drawbacks for us, the small lots and subsequent proximity of sound. When we get away, we enjoy some level of quiet – I think that’s our inner introverts coming out!

Pools & Hot Tubs

IMG 9695 The real gem of the property, for us, was the pool area. Set up with lounge chairs, the large heated pool and hot tub offered us many hours of water play with our boys. The pool has a gradual entry, great for kids, and a deep end that only goes to 4.5 feet. There are spray features that can be activated for limited times of the day as well. IMG 9830 Starting next year, the resort will have a second pool, adult-only, near the new club house building in the Phase 2 lot section. It looks stunning and the waterfall hot tub area is going to have a perfect view of the mountains.

The Harrison Hot Springs Region

IMG 9794 This wasn’t our first trip into Harrison Hot Springs, but I felt like we saw more of the area this time. With the nice weather, we were able to easily bike the 1.5-2k trip in to Harrison Lake: to go for coffee, play at the playground, play at the beach, eat at the restaurants. There are not a hugenumber of dining options in Harrison Hot Springs, but we had a good pizza from Village Pizzeria and a decent very early breakfast at Chuck & Kitty’s, plus a coffee from Muddy Waters Cafe (which we knew from past experience was a great dining option, it just wasn’t open early enough for us!). The easy biking was a very appealing aspect of the region for us – I love family biking! There are a few hikes in the area and other lakes you can visit nearby. I encourage you to check out Harrison Hot Springs Tourism for more ideas. See the piece on her blog here.

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