RVing is More Affordable than You Think – RVing BC

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RVing in BC = Affordability

RVing is more affordable than you might think. Check out how RV travel – especially RVing in BC – can be more economical than other types of vacations. Read about the ins and outs of buying and renting, and how the latest models of RVs are designed to be more fuel-efficient at this website: http://gorving.com

The Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs can be part of your RVing plan. The Springs RV Resort is the perfect lake get-away designed for fun with friends and family. Our resort is in the charming Village of Harrison Hot Springs, a leisurely stroll from the lake and beach. Our twelve-and-a-half acre resort is a home for 142 RV owners in Phase 1 and 64 RV owners in Phase 2. Find out more on the various pages of our site.

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