RV Resorts as Affordable Family Vacations: The New Cottage Country?

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Many have memories of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city on the weekend and heading for “Cottage Country.”

Today with escalating property prices and the demands of work life balance,  many families may believe that owning and enjoying recreational property is simply out of reach. Yet, the current trend in RV lifestyles and the growth of RV Resort properties may be the answer to the dream of recreational property ownership and affordable family vacations!

Baby-boomers still want a place to recreate and to gather family and friends.  They are demanding quality, comfort and service.  At the same time, the younger generation are looking for close to home weekend get-a-ways and mini-vacations.  These emerging trends have led to the growth of RV Resorts, allowing guests to purchase the RV lot and enjoy a permanent site set up. With decks, outdoor kitchens and gazebos, the RV experience feels more and more like a summer cottage.

Check out this blog post about RV Resorts as the new cottage country   …

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