What is RVing?

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Wondering what is RVing? We’ll let you in on a little secret: RVing is about taking control of your vacations and weekends in a whole new world of freedom and relaxation. Go where you want, when you want, turn every weekend into a mini-vacation, and every trip into a hassle-free escape.

– Go Rving

For more on what RVing is, please review the Springs RV Resort website. We think you’ll find our little corner of paradise in Harrison Hot Springs to your liking! See our Contact page, or Promotions.

Harrison Hot Springs BC Camping – How camping is evolving to keep up with travel trends

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Camping is emerging as the top choice for many families this year, as the industry touts new amenities to draw penny-pinching vacationers who still want to get away, but can't afford shelling out big bucks for airline fare, posh resorts or pricey home rentals. The road to recovery started last year, when revenue for the nation's more than 13,000 privately run campgrounds and RV parks grew 3% after falling 4.8% in the wake of the recession in 2009, according to a new report by IBISWorld, which provides market intelligence on a variety of industries. Although hurt somewhat by the recession, camping didn't fall as fast as other travel segments, such as hotels and motels, whose revenue plummeted more than 9% in 2009, according to IBISWorld.


Camping at Harrison Hot Springs – Try Springs RV Resort for an upscale experience!

The camping uptick is expected to continue for the next five years as more retiring baby boomers hit the open road. Growing up in the "height of the Boy Scout movement," boomers have a "permanent appreciation of the outdoors," IBISWorld notes in the report. "This generation is expected to be wealthier and live longer than any prior generation, making them prime targets for an RV lifestyle."

But campsites are not taking future growth for granted. Many sites are upgrading facilities to lure picky campers who are often looking for more than just a patch of dirt to pitch a tent.  To read more, go to RVDA NewsBrief.

At Springs RV Resort, we are the closest RV site to Harrison Hot Springs, and can offer deluxe RV camping at Harrison Hot Springs. Our 12.5 acre resort has 206 RV sites (some RV lots for sale, some RV lots for rent on a for daily, monthly or annual lease basis), a heated pool, a playground, a Whistler-style clubhouse, and many more amenties and special events.

Contact us for more details on RV Lot sales or rentals.

Ten Reasons to Purchase your own lake getaway

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  • Close enough to use every weekend, yet in such a beautiful setting it feels like a vacation all the time. 
  • Security in knowing you always have your own place to go. No more worrying about whether you can get a reservation this weekend!
  • So close to everyone that friends and family can visit for the day.
  • Ownership not membership. A dream come true to have your own lake get-away.
  • Exceptional amenities with a beautiful new heated pool and hot tub .
  • Over an acre of beautifully landscaped grounds with a brand new Whistler-style cedar and stone building featuring spa like washrooms with heated flooring, laundry area, computer area and a  TV lounge.
  • Plenty of things for everyone in the family; golfing, fishing, boating, playground, antique carousel, biking, hiking, swimming, golf tournaments, game nights, horseshoe tournaments, outdoor movies, kid's weeks…..too many to list.
  • In-house financing available.
  • Affordable!! Lots start at 68,100. 
  • No more renting, you can start building equity today. It's your place, for you and your family…always.

Top 5 reasons to OWN at Springs RV Resort

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  • Just 90 minutes or less and you’ve arrived.
  • Splash in one of our two heated pools; new adult pool and over-sized hot tub or our family pool and hot tub located close to the playground.
  • Relax by the fire at our brand new cedar and stone Whistler-style clubhouse or at our spa-quality amenities area.
  • Stroll to the beach and experience lakeside dining, fishing, boating, hiking, golfing, while enjoying the stunning vistas.
  • Enjoy the many social activities: dinner & dances, golf tournaments, game nights, kids’ camps, outdoor movies…….too many to list!

Above all else, it is our community of friends and families that makes Springs RV Resort such a special place. 

Rated one of the top RV Resorts in North America

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

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The most exciting aspect about a guided sturgeon fishing charter is the fact that you are actually fishing for living dinosaurs. The white sturgeon of the Fraser river are literally living relics from a time gone by. Fraser river sturgeon can vary greatly in size and shape and most of the fish that we catch are between 4 to 7 feet but you never know when a really big sturgeon will show up. Every season we catch many fish between 7 to 10 feet, these are fish in the 200 to 600+ pound class! 



Award of Excellence

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The Springs RV Resort at Harrison Hot Springs was rated as one of the top RV Parks in North America. The Resort was  presented with the  Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement and commitment to excellence.

Harrison May Benefit from Proposed Hemlock Valley Resort Development Expansion

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The owners of Hemlock Ski resort have proposed a new master plan that describes significant expansion of the Hemlock Resort and facilities including four-season recreational beachfront facilities in Harrison.

If this proposal goes forward Harrison will become a gateway to and beneficiary of these proposed improvements planned over the next several years and decades. It would appear there has never been a better time to lock in recreational property in Harrison as the expansion planning for Hemlock moves forward through the planning process. For more information see the 100+ page Master Plan at http://www.tca.gov.bc.ca/resort_development/resort_plans/list_of_plans.htm

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