Reason to Celebrate – Best RV Communities – Springs Ph II Grand Opening

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Best RV communities, Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, BC

New pool (we have several!) is open

On June 12, 2015, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Club House and development of our Phase II RV lots.  It was a magnificent day.  The weather was perfect, the facilities were immaculate and the atmosphere was festive.  The day was full of smiles and laughter as we enjoyed the official ribbon cutting, Golf Cart demos, RV Show Suite tours, a Magic show and the sounds of Todd Richard and the TR Band.
The folks at Springs RV Resort really do know how to host a celebration, and know this is all in part of it being one of the best RV communities around.

We muse on the importance of celebrations on our blog, Musings from the Springs. When you think about it, as a species we spend a considerable amount of time celebrating! We sing, we dance, we laugh and we play.  But, why do we celebrate?  Why do we want to come together as a group, and what makes a great celebration? It can be argued that celebrations aren’t just about the food, drinks or entertainment.  Celebrations remind us that we are part of a larger community.  When you think about it, maybe it is simply knowing that your friends will be there with you.  Now – that IS something to celebrate! Read more at Musings >>

Family Vacations in BC, best rv communities

Party is hopping!


Affordable Family Vacations in British Columbia
Young and old were captivated by the magic of Rod Boss.
Affordable Family Vacations in British Columbia
Todd Richard and the TR Band get the dance party started.
RV Campsites in Harrison Hot Springs
Views from the Club House
Family Camping in Harrison Hot Springs
RV Lifestyle in Harrison Hot Springs


Star 98.3’s Tyler Dyck Visits the Springs as part of Tyler’s Road Trip Adventure

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We are pleased to have been included in Tyler’s Road Trip Adventure this summer, presented by O’Connor RV!

Here’s what the Radio Host has to say:

Tyler’s Road Trip Adventure: Day 4 – Springs RV Resort

“Where better to kick back and relax than the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs? That’s where I was today as part of my Road Trip Adventure, presented by O’Connor RV. I got to check out their newly renovated facilities before their official grand opening party on Saturday. Check it out:

To say that Springs RV Resort in Harrison is not your everyday RV park would be an understatement. Over the past year, the Springs RV Resort has undergone a massive renovation that has upgraded the quality of the facilities and added a second phase to the resort with more lots, breath-taking views and an adult pool.

One of the most prominent features of the new development is the three story, Whistler-style club house. The bottom floor boasts a beautiful games room with a pool table, darts boards, and a poker table for some friendly competition amongst friends and family. Right above it, on the second floor, is an open lounge area with room for everyone to hangout and visit together or to quietly get a personal project done by yourself. I hung out there for a few hours last night to edit some photos on my computer and enjoy some down time – a nice change from the busy life on the road! The third floor overlooks the lounge with a small library for book worms alike to get some reading done in peace.”



Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs

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ICE CREAM – my favourite food group!  There is always a time and a place for ice cream. However, nothing is better than that special flavour on a hot summer day.

No matter who you talk to, ice cream invokes memories – usually warm, fuzzy ones.  As a child, I fondly remember driving in the car with my family when suddenly the car would take on a mind of its own.  We would scream with joy as Dad valiantly fought for control of the vehicle. He would dramatically gasp, groan and holler, “I can’t control it much longer!”  No matter how bravely he fought, the car would turn in to our local Dairy Queen and we would stop in for a round of cones.  As a young child I was convinced we had the best car ever!  To this day, I smile as my car will sometimes take over and turn in to the local ice cream store.  (FYI – This isn’t a factory install feature – be sure to ask your auto dealer for the ice cream app next time you are in the market for a new vehicle!)

Ice Cream stories are abundant and I am sure you have one of your own.  From sport team celebrations to birthday parties, ice cream says it best!

Read the full post ‘Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs‘ on our Blogspot ‘Musings from the Springs’ Blog.

Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs

What’s Your ING? Discover One of the Best Places to Vacation in BC

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Years ago my husband and I were hiking the iconic West Coast Trail located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  (A magnificent hike should you ever get the opportunity)  The hike is challenging!  Over 75 km long, it can take five to seven days to complete.  About four days into our trip we came across two hikers from Saskatchewan.  We stopped to chat and shared a wonderful pot of coffee together as we sat and enjoyed a break.  Our conversation quickly turned to British Columbia and I will never forget their comments.  They asked if there were “activity police” on patrol in our province.  We didn’t understand their question and asked them to clarify.  Before beginning their hike they spent a few days exploring the Lower Mainland and were amazed at the many recreational opportunities available at our doorstep.  They were also impressed how British Columbians took full advantage of these opportunities.

Over the years, I have often reflected on their comments and since meeting them I have tried to find an ING to enjoy each day.  What’s an ING you ask?  Well ING adds action and according to our Saskatchewan friends British Columbians like to ING!  

You really can not find a better location to explore your ING than The Springs RV Resort. Located in Harrison Hot Springs the area offers endless ING opportunities. (Hint: Golfing, Biking, Reading, Swimming, Hiking, Grilling…to name just a few)

Read more – What’s Your Ing? Discover all the possibilities at one of the best places to vacation in BC, Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs.

Harrison - Springs RV - Best places to vacation in BC

Enjoy swimmING in the heated pool.

Be Home When the Lights Come On! Preventing Nature-Deficit Disorder

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Do you remember playing outside after dinner?  Neighbourhood children of all ages would flock to the end of the street for the game of the day – Hide n Seek, Red Rover, Kick the Can.  The actual game didn’t really matter.  Kids were just thrilled to be outside – no homework, no chores and no worries.  Our street hero was the kid who figured out that one hard hit to a specific spot on the light pole knocked out the light.  This enabled us to be a few minutes late home, innocently claiming that the light didn’t come on.  How could we possibly know that it was time to return?

Read more – Be Home When the Lights Come On!  Preventing Nature-Deficit Disorder, Increasing Children’s Roaming Map

Be Home When the Lights Come On! Preventing Nature Deficit Disorder, Increasing Children's Roaming Map

Slip n Slide Your Worries Away



A Weekend Getaway Sponsored by Springs RV Resort

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When Taslim Jaffer, the founder of Let Me Out Creative, spoke to us about ‪#‎LMOKindness‬, a random act of kindness initiative, we had to learn more! Taslim works to match gifts from local businesses with folk who may be in need of a kind gesture. We are proud to kick-off LMOKindess‬ by hosting a weekend getaway for a deserving family.

Here’s the full story from Let Me Out Creative…

When Lori nominated her husband, Dan, to receive some #LMOKindness, I knew I wanted to be a part of this story. Dan had been an employee at IBM for over 20 years and was recently laid off. This transition, of course, had some repercussions for their single-income family, and Dan was in definite need of some Spirit-lifting! In speaking with Lori on the phone to get a better feeling for what Dan might need, I picked up on the idea that the whole family (Lori, Dan and their son) could use a change in scenery and some fun in an outdoor setting! Lori’s voice was full of hope for her husband, her son and herself; I am sure this will be the beginning of a new phase that brings them much prosperity and happiness!

To send them off on their new journey, our kind sponsor Springs RV Resort, is hosting this family of 3 in one of their luxury RVs to enjoy all the amenities of their gated community resort. I had the pleasure of staying there last Summer with my husband and kids and we had the BEST time – so my heart is happy that Lori and her family will have a great weekend getaway!

Affordable Family Vacations

New Whistler Style Clubhouse


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Circle the Wagons – Spending More Time with Family

Posted by Mary

A recent post by one of our associates, highlighting how spending more time with family and neighbourhood social connections can improve happiness:

On a recent visit to the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, I was struck by the strong sense of community that was clearly evident as I strolled the grounds.  I have always been fascinated by tales from the early “wild west” and as I chatted with some of the folk at the Resort I found myself daydreaming of days gone by.  Remember the stories of the early pioneers circling the wagons at the end of the day and gathering around the fire?  The circle was a united front against the outside world.  Inside the circle – friends, family, community.  Outside the circle – wild animals, strangers and the unknown.  While there are not any wild animals roaming the grounds at Springs RV Resort, it is certainly a place where you can leave your big city worries behind and enjoy an evening by the pool.

Statistics Canada recently released a report (link below) that found people in Vancouver and Toronto are the least satisfied with their lives compared to respondents from other major Metropolitan areas.  Now, without a doubt, we get a lot of rain, and those long, dreary winter days can sometimes take a toll on one’s positivity index, but to be less happy than people in other Canadian cities?

The study suggested that social factors play a big part in happiness.  Life that matters most to people is local, reflecting the quality of social connections in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.  We know that people who are engaged and involved with a strong sense of belonging to a community are happier.

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Welcome to the Springs RV Resort at Harrison Hot Springs

Welcome to Springs RV Resort at Harrison Hot Springs


RV Resorts as Affordable Family Vacations: The New Cottage Country?

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Many have memories of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city on the weekend and heading for “Cottage Country.”

Today with escalating property prices and the demands of work life balance,  many families may believe that owning and enjoying recreational property is simply out of reach. Yet, the current trend in RV lifestyles and the growth of RV Resort properties may be the answer to the dream of recreational property ownership and affordable family vacations!

Baby-boomers still want a place to recreate and to gather family and friends.  They are demanding quality, comfort and service.  At the same time, the younger generation are looking for close to home weekend get-a-ways and mini-vacations.  These emerging trends have led to the growth of RV Resorts, allowing guests to purchase the RV lot and enjoy a permanent site set up. With decks, outdoor kitchens and gazebos, the RV experience feels more and more like a summer cottage.

Check out this blog post about RV Resorts as the new cottage country   …

BC Outdoor Living Show & RV Sale/Yard, Garden Renovation Show

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BC Outdoor Living Show & RV Sale/Yard, Garden Renovation Show

March 27th – March 29th, 2015

Heritage Park

Stop by and see us at The Springs RV Resort booth

Early Bird RV Show 2015

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 Plan on visiting the Early Bird RV Show at Abbotsford Tradex Centre on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH, 2015  through  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND, 2015.  The Springs RV Resort will be there and happy to chat with you about our opening of Phase two with a new adult pool and over-sized hot tub, the addition of 3 fireplaces and 1200 square foot whistler-style clubhouse. Come for a tour and see what a beautiful vacation spot is right at your doorstep in Harrison Hot Springs.