Owning an RV Site may be just the answer….. by Dean Welsh

How many times have you packed the coach and headed to your favorite RV resort for a weekend or holiday vacation only to find that the site you were hoping to stay at is not available, or worse, nor is any other site?

Time after time, you returned to that ideal place only to find it booked and left disappointed. Clearly, you aren’t the only RVer who appreciates the value and consistency of a quality destination site. Given this fact, more and more RVers are choosing ownership over the uncertainties of renting a site.

Ownership brings with it one very distinct advantage: guaranteed availability. An owner knows that when they want to vacation at their site, it will always be waiting for them to enjoy. An owner knows there will always be a vacancy at their site, and they have the freedom to embark on a spontaneous vacation.

An additional ownership factor to consider: Location, location, location – the mantra of every real estate purchase. Location merits first consideration, be it your personal coach-site or a site you consider purchasing as an investment. After identifying your purpose for ownership, the question then becomes: where do you and your family want to spend your leisure time or what areas do people enjoying visiting?  read more?









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