Circle the Wagons – Spending More Time with Family

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A recent post by one of our associates, highlighting how spending more time with family and neighbourhood social connections can improve happiness:

On a recent visit to the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, BC, I was struck by the strong sense of community that was clearly evident as I strolled the grounds.  I have always been fascinated by tales from the early “wild west” and as I chatted with some of the folk at the Resort I found myself daydreaming of days gone by.  Remember the stories of the early pioneers circling the wagons at the end of the day and gathering around the fire?  The circle was a united front against the outside world.  Inside the circle – friends, family, community.  Outside the circle – wild animals, strangers and the unknown.  While there are not any wild animals roaming the grounds at Springs RV Resort, it is certainly a place where you can leave your big city worries behind and enjoy an evening by the pool.

Statistics Canada recently released a report (link below) that found people in Vancouver and Toronto are the least satisfied with their lives compared to respondents from other major Metropolitan areas.  Now, without a doubt, we get a lot of rain, and those long, dreary winter days can sometimes take a toll on one’s positivity index, but to be less happy than people in other Canadian cities?

The study suggested that social factors play a big part in happiness.  Life that matters most to people is local, reflecting the quality of social connections in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.  We know that people who are engaged and involved with a strong sense of belonging to a community are happier.

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Welcome to the Springs RV Resort at Harrison Hot Springs

Welcome to Springs RV Resort at Harrison Hot Springs


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