Recreational Property in Harrison Hot Springs, with a bit of Camping-Feel Thrown in

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I am a bit of a self-fulfilling disaster when I travel.

When I travel, I like to have an idea of some good places to go, good places to eat (within my cost-conscious price range), and an idea of where I’m staying/planning on going so I don’t get lost.

Unfortunately, I never set aside enough time to research these things before I go. “Hey! I’m working trying to pay for this trip! I don’t have time to poke around in Trip Advisor for hours and hours!” What usually happens is that I hammer on work tasks till 25 minutes before I leave, quickly print out a Google map or a Travel Advisor page for my bag, oh, and then pout when I get there that I don’t have a proper plan.

Let’s just say I typically do better in smaller cities or towns where I can assess what’s good in a short period of time and not have too many decisions to make while venturing out on day 1 to run/eat/play.

It was in my typical way that I ventured excitedly (but without a plan) to Harrison Hot Springs with my husband, two kids (age 12 and 10) and Ontario-in-laws in August 2015. One of my website and SEO clients, Mary Smith, owner of Springs RV Resort, offered me the opportunity to stay so I could better understand her business while handling the marketing. Yahoo!

Can’t Get Lost – One Way In

We live in East Vancouver, and it’s a relatively easy 100 minute drive to Harrison, pausing for a short wine and grocery stop in Agassiz. No map and no need for GPS even: the green signs along Highway 1 easily guide you off the highway in the right direction. Springs RV is on the (one!) main road into Harrison Hot Springs. The big sign for Springs RV Resort on the left made the resort (also on the left) easy to find.

Best RV Resort on the Block

From the moment we turned into the driveway, we knew this experience was going to be deluxe. The office team were thorough at check in, making sure we knew about all the activities, amenities and rules (“Drive slower than slow!”) As we walked up to the RV we were to stay in, jaws started dropping. Next to the very nice RV was a large wood patio, with one half covered (had couches, outdoor kitchen/bar, coffee maker and flat screen TV) and the other half an outdoor dining suite, providing lots of room for al fresco dinners. Many owners had built set ups like this, all in the same Whistler-style timber and cedar look adopted by the resort.


Fun cooking staff for Friday Night BBQ


Adult Club House – great place to hang out and great deck on it too

Inside, the RV was roomy (the kitchen expanded with “pop out” sides) and it had a queen sized bed in the bedroom and a pullout couch in the living room.

Bill the manager gave the kids and I a tour in his 6 seater golf cart.  As we drove, I enjoyed the late summer sedum, black eyed Susan and grasses planted along crushed gravel walking pathways. Bill showed us where the 18+ clubhouse and pool were. The 18+ area has a separate hot tub (with very cool underwater red lights at night) and a great waterfall feature with even more plants. The 18+ clubhouse looked like a great place to hang out. We checked it out later and it had a huge deck, classy couches, modern firepits, and inside lots of activities and a cool resort feel.

The Family pool and clubhouse were not too far away, and conveniently right behind our digs for the weekend. So after the tour, the kids and grandma jumped in their suits to head for the pool. (Kids under 14 need supervision). My daughter was really impressed with the flowers and waterfall taps in the spa-like bathrooms next to the pool: “Wow, this place is amazing!”

The Party was Already There

We arrived on a Friday night and there was a BBQ at 5:30pm ($5 a burger, $1 corn, $1 drink) and an outdoor movie planned for later. Bonus: no decisions, no cooking and no wondering what to do after dinner! The covered games area (aka pavilion) where the BBQ was held was a great meeting place: centrally located to all the lots and allowing us to mix with new friends. Many families clearly knew each other well and were having a great time. Neat that owners would see each other often over the summer and build community.

recreational property in harrison hot springs, recreational property at Harrison Hot Springs

Close to Harrison Fun

On Saturday morning, we walked 15 minutes north to the main town of Harrison Hot Springs. We noted that the stretch of road where Springs RV Resort is located has a few other RV parks nearby. What stood out was that the signage, landscaping, pathways, heated pools, clubhouse and amenities at Springs RV Resort are all superior to what we saw at the other parks as we walked by.

fun-with-grandma-in-harison-hot-springsIn town, we were awed at the lake and mountain view, then headed to Killer’s Cove Boat Rentals to see if there were kayaks left – it was to be Grandma’s First Kayak! Grandma is pretty fit at 68 and wanted to try kayaking. She was in a double with me, which was a good choice for her (from a workout perspective) because the kids and hubbie lost paddling focus after we hit the 30 minute mark into the (safe and calm) mouth of the Harrison River.

After a bit of wind on the way back in (yeah, arms!), we found Grandpa, had 6 celebratory gelatos, then walked back to Springs RV for a late lunch.


Places to Play

There are lots of places to play at Springs RV. My kids were a little too old for the playground but there is a good one there, complete with a small vintage Carousel from the 1930s which previously was at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. We roamed around the park (there’s a wee hiking trail behind the park), swam, sunned, enjoyed the free wifi, played 100 rounds of cards at the dining table (good for those math skills!), then made dinner.

There are lots of other activities going on at the resort too.

reasons to own an RV lot in Harrison Hot Springs

Othello Tunnels, a great day walk-hike nearby Springs RV resort

A Place to Come Back to: Recreational Property in Harrison Hot Springs

As I was soaking up rays poolside on Sunday and planning the day (we did a  flat walk-hike at the Othello Tunnels, about 30 min drive away – and so worth it ), I thought about the benefits of owning an RV in the Fraser Valley vs. other types of recreational property ownership vs. just going on (hotel or camping) trips.

If you have kids or grandkids, owning an RV and RV lot makes a lot of sense. If you like going to a familiar place to holiday again and again. With a recreational property, it’s your stuff, your dresser drawers, your lot, your upgrades – patio, deck, ‘shabin’ (shed/cabin that can be built for extra bunks or storage), and you can pack up a lot faster from home when you know that your swim suit and weekend clothes are already there. Plus, you can invite your family to stay or use the RV when you are not there. You can even take your RV on the road, say, in winter, if sunny Palm Springs is calling!


Mommy on the lounge chair; kids (ages 11+13) in the pool!

As an owned piece of land, your equity in the lot grows over time, giving you something your family can enjoy for decades. When the time comes that you want to re-sell, your investment has grown and you leave with a smile and a lot of good memories.

As of April 2016, there are about 5 lots available from a total of 206, and they come in a few price and size ranges. All sites have electrical hookups with 30 amp or 50 amp service available.

Annual Costs of Owning an RV and RV Lot

Here’s the math: On a $100,000 lot, borrowing $30,000 for the RV, you could put $20,000 down, and, based on a 2.5% mortgage and including Resort Maintenance Costs (property taxes in) and minimal hydro, pay $7212 a year to own your own RV lot. That’s $600 a month, or about $180 a night if you do 40 nights a year. That’s 40 nights a year with 2 exclusive pools, 2 hot tubs, gorgeous landscaping, clubhouses, games room, heated bathroom floors in the spa shower room, fun activities, and a place for you and your family to call your 2nd home. In 25 years, the lot and hydro costs would only be $153 per month.

Compare that to the cost of a strata-based condo at Whistler, or the maintenance and property tax on a cabin on a gulf island, the Okanagan or in the Kootenays (which probably wouldn’t have a pool – or if it did, would cost you more!)

Walking around Saturday night with hubbie as we held hands and enjoyed the stars, we could hear lots of families having gatherings on their patios. Owning an RV lot in Harrison Hot Springs would definitely be a relatively low-cost and no-stress way to have many fun family weekends year after year.

owning recreational property in harrison hot springs, recreational property in harrison hot springs

Great lounge chairs and couple and family time at the pool at SpringsRV Resort

The Lure of the RV Resort: RV Lots for Sale Fraser Valley

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Posted by Mary

Have you been dreaming of owning that weekend retreat or retirement home? A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to relax in your own version of paradise? You are not alone! More and more Baby Boomers are considering recreational property as both an investment and a special weekend oasis or retirement haven.

RV lots for sale Fraser Valley

View from the new 19+ club house including plantings and water feature. Hot tub and pool just out of view!

But for many, the dream of owning a waterfront cottage never materializes because of the initial costs and ongoing expenses.

However, a new trend is emerging. Young and old alike are embracing the RV Lifestyle as an affordable alternative to cottages or extended vacation stays in hotels.

For Evelyn McNulty, the decision to downsize and embrace the RV Lifestyle is not one that she took lightly. With semi-retirement looming in the near future, Evelyn began to research for alternative and affordable retirement lifestyles. Having visited friends and experienced the RV lifestyle first hand, Evelyn knew RV living might be a viable option for her and her husband. For the McNultys it was important to find a resort that was affordable, well maintained, and close to shopping and dining amenities.

Familiar with numerous RV parks in the Palm Springs area, Evelyn was looking for a comparable product in Canada. Originally, the McNultys considered purchasing in the Okanagan but the draw of family in the lower mainland brought them back. They began to look for RV lots for sale in the Fraser Valley. It was then they discovered the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs. The Village of Harrison Hot Springs is a small community nestled along the banks of Harrison Lake. A popular tourist destination, the area is well-known for its mountain views, water sports, wildlife viewing, hiking, golfing, spas, fishing, festivals and events and dining.

RV lots for sale Fraser Valley

View from the deck from the Clubhouse

RV lots for sale Fraser Valley

Rated one of the top RV Parks in North America and only 90 minutes from Vancouver, the amenities and infrastructure of the Springs RV Resort immediately impressed Evelyn and left her husband “gobsmacked!” The Clubhouse, swimming pools, hot tubs and spa-like washrooms at Springs RV Resort are certainly a draw, but it is the people that define the resort. Folk from all walks of life make up the vibrant Springs RV Resort community. As Evelyn says: “People here have freer spirits – they are in holiday mode, and most of us are pretty darn happy in holiday mode.”

“I am very bullish on this lifestyle! I can’t think of a nicer RV Park that I would want to be in.”

RV lots for sale Fraser Valley

Of course, there are challenges transitioning from a single family home to an RV. Certainly, space is at the top of this list! Like many others, the McNultys have invested in creating a welcoming outdoor living area next to their RV as a way to extend their living space. As part of their well-constructed downsizing plan, they intend to store a few key pieces of furniture, just in case circumstances change.

rv lots for sale fraser valley

RV Lots for Sale or Rent in Harrison Hot Springs

Just like any other real estate purchase decision, the options for RV resort lot ownership are wide-ranging. From daily, weekly and seasonal ownership to purchasing a lot, there are many key factors and choices to make.

Evelyn’s best advice for those considering the RV Lifestyle:

  • Do your research
  • Visit numerous RV Resorts and Parks
  • Talk to people who are part of the RV Resort Community
  • Understand the Resort rules before you invest
  • Thoroughly research the type of RV that best suits your needs
  • Find a reputable RV Dealership – ask for referrals
  • Weigh your financial options
  • Try before you buy!

RV lots for sale Fraser Valley

Come by anytime for a tour and see why the Springs RV Resort was rated one of the top RV Resorts in North America. Phase Two at Springs RV was  completed in early 2015 (50 amp service). There are only 17 RV lots still available for sale at Springs RV.

Read more about our RV lots for sale in Harrison Hot Springs and the Fraser Valley. This page includes pricing and a site and resort map.

Late Summer Getaway at Springs RV Resort – RV Resorts in BC

Jen of the Mama.Papa.Bubba website offers a fresh take on the delights of a late summer or early fall getaway at Springs RV Resort in Harrison, including fun rainy day activities with kids & many amazing pictures!

Thank you Jen for sharing your experience of Springs RV Resort on your blog and so many amazing photos! It was great that you took some photos of inside a luxury RV so people can really get a feel for it.


Photo credits: Jen at Mama.Papa.Bubba

Thanks also for pointing out the fun kids and parents can have at the resort even if it’s raining: the cozy gas fireplace in the RV, a great pic of the covered, outdoor games area, the fact that the burger and movie night is a steal, and that there’s a covered area for the craft morning if it’s raining.


rv-resorts-in-BC-games-areaPhoto credits: Jen at Mama.Papa.Bubba

We love that you appreciate the slow moving traffic rules at the resort: ‘One of the things I appreciated most as a parent was the resort’s strict dead slow policy when it comes to traffic.  It meant that Miss G could very easily and safely cross the road from the area where the kids were drawing to the area where they were hanging their paintings in the rain without having an adult holding her hand and I’m pretty sure she thought it was the coolest thing ever. ‘


Photo credits: Jen at Mama.Papa.Bubba

Kudos to your husband and daughter for not letting a sprinkling of rain prevent them from enjoying a swim in our heated, outdoor pool! The pool temp doesn’t change when it’s raining and they looked to be having a lot of fun!


Photo credits: Jen at Mama.Papa.Bubba

For more, see the full post (and even more pictures!) on blog.

Springs RV Resort offers overnight rentals, seasonal leases, and RV sites for purchase. It is one of the top-rated RV Resorts in BC.

Fun Things to Do, Yummy Eats & Where to Stay in Harrison – by The Write Mama

Today we are featuring a blog post by The Write Mama, also known as Lori McGrath. Sounds like Lori loves a fun, family getaway and she and her family really covered a lot of ground on their recent stay with us. Lori is a charming writer and offers many great ideas, tips and insights on what to do with kids in and around Harrison Hot Springs.

Here’s what Lori had to say about Springs RV Resort:


Springs RV Resort

Springs RV Resort was our home away from home on Father’s Day weekend. We were guests of the resort as a special gift for my husband and loved staying in this luxurious RV resort for the weekend. Our RV lot featured a beautiful rough cut timber gazebo and deck with an outdoor kitchen, shabin (a shed-cabin that features bunk beds!), and patio table. The resort facilities were amazing including two outdoor pools, an old fashioned carousel and children’s play area, indoor clubhouse, outdoor games area and more. It was very family friendly and welcoming with lots of kids swimming, riding bikes and enjoying the private playground. We especially enjoyed partaking in the Father’s Day pancake breakfast, one of many fun events and activities planned for the guests. If you own an RV, this is a great destination for an overnight rental, seasonal lease or to purchase a lot for your very own home away from home.”

Springs RV Resort - Visit Harrison Hot Springs With Kids

photo credit: Lori McGrath,

Lori and her husband (in a contest, independent of us) won a stay at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort (different from Springs RV Resort) where they celebrated their ten year anniversary recently. Read up on Lori’s experience staying, swimming and also going to the resorts iconic Copper Room for dinner and dancing to live music.

Where to Eat in Harrison Hot Springs

Lori also has it covered for where to get a giant ‘small’ sized ice cream cone, cotton candy flavor was a favourite, as well as some places to dine for lunch or dinner in Harrison Hot Springs at various price points.

Activities for Kids Around Harrison Hot Springs

Lori covers the Miami Bridges Hike an easy 20 minute hike in Harrison, beaching, swimming and the Harrison Festival of the Arts!

Read the full post here on The Write Mama Blog:

Lori recommends Springs RV Resort as a great place to stay in Harrison Hot Springs with kids. We really try our best to make your stay pleasant and our luxury RV Resort welcoming for all members of the family. Thanks again Lori! We are very pleased that you and your wonderful family enjoyed your stay with us!

It’s not Camping, it’s GLAMPING – Best Places for Glamping Near Vancouver

Posted by Mary Kristyl Clark had a visit with us in late July 2015, and really enjoyed her time. We were tickled with the part in her blog post where grandma wondered, “Oh my, are you sure this is the right RV?” as the combination of landscaped grounds, deck, gazebo, outdoor kitchen and ‘shabin’ (shed/cabin) at their site was so unbelievably good.

Kristyl writes: “Even though we were just an hour or so from home, it felt like we were somewhere far, far away. I sunk deeper into my seat, soaking up the sun’s final rays of the day and the breathtaking view of the Cheam Mountain straight ahead. We had found paradise and it would be our home-sweet-home for the next four days.”

RV Springs Resort pool

According to Kristyl, “We’re not camping… we’re going GLAMPING… There would be no fiddling with tent poles, sleeping on air mattresses or braving any outhouses in the blackness of night. Our plan was to arrive at our destination, pop a bottle of sparkling Chilean wine with strawberries and unplug from reality.”

The Springs RV Resort, formerly known as Bigfoot Campground, combines luxury with the great outdoors, and is one of the few luxury RV parks near Vancouver. Consider it one of the best places for glamping near Vancouver.

The gated property is twelve and a half acres of impeccably landscaped property that’s home for 206 RV owners.

The resort is less than 90 minutes from virtually anywhere in the Lower Mainland – “a big advantage for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city living without a long trek or crossing the border to the U.S.”


Our accomodations included a luxury RV, 'Shabin' and outdoor kitchen.

Kristyl continues: “After double-checking the number on our key, we realized that yes, the spacious RV with granite counter-tops, big-screen TVs, large shower and finishes finer than our own homes, would be our accommodations. But that was just the inside. The icing on the cake was the spacious deck, private dog run, enormous outdoor kitchen and gas fireplace.”

The girls also loved the ‘Shabin’: shed meets cabin.

Daughters Molly and Zoe were excited about the list of activities happening that week.

springs large 1


The Springs RV Resort was designed for glamping and family fun and has created a very unique community with weekly summer activities.

Visit the Springs RV Resort and enjoy: 

  • Brand new three-storey clubhouse
  • New adult pool and over-sized hot tub
  • Large heated family pool with hot tub
  • Spa-like bathrooms with heated tile floors
  • 5 outdoor community fireplaces
  • Two big screen TV areas
  • Library with fireplace
  • Games room – darts, pool, ping pong, foosball
  • Stone and cedar social pavilion for BBQ’s and dances
  • Laundry Room
  • Large treed playground
  • 1930’s Antique Carousel
  • Walking trails, dog walk
  • Free Wi-Fi & Shaw Hotspot

Kristyl’s family also enjoyed Friday night burger night, and kids crafts on Saturday.

Kristyl summarizes, “For those wanting to get away without venturing too far, The Springs RV Resort offers overnight rental, seasonal leases and sites for purchase, making the Resort dream within reach. Ownership provides a home base in a resort community of friends and family. Yet, an RV’er is still free to go travel and explore where their time and interests carry them. The owners at the Resort have built beautiful decks, rough-cut timber and cedar shake roofed gazebos with outdoor kitchens.”

Read the whole article on

Adventure, Family, Community and Some Home Comforts!

Posted by Mary

Sharilyn from Weekdays From Scratch discovered all four on her recent visit with us at Springs RV Resort.

Thanks to the folks at Urban Safari Rescue, Sharilyn and her family had an amazing adventure seeing live giant tarantulas, snakes, tortoises and more on their recent visit with us. It’s not something one usually expects on an RV holiday, but a fun adventure for the kids for sure! There were lots of other, albeit slightly less exotic, activities for the kids too; such as arts and crafts, basketball, burger night and swimming.

Cabins for rent in Harrison Hot Springs BC, RV for sale Harrison, RV for rent HarrisonCabins for rent in Harrison Hot Springs BC, RV for sale Harrison, RV for rent Harrison

As you’ve probably noticed if you have been reading our blog for any length of time, one of the most special parts of Springs RV Resort is how families and extended families are holidaying together. We think Sharilyn really pegged it here:

“In addition to being beautifully laid out the resort really caters to families of all ages- there were many multi- generational family groupings that we encountered over the weekend. Grandparents with their children and grandchildren- everyone together having a good time.”

The social community and the home comforts in the RV of luxury queen bed, running hot and cold water and flush toilets also adds to the very pleasant experience of RV’ing at Harrison.

Also from Sharilyn, a great appreciation for the affordability of owning a vacation property in BC:

“Springs RV Resort offers so many different types of escapes- from overnight rentals, seasonal leases to sites for purchase- making the dream of affordable recreational property a reality for many folks. We can’t wait to make a return visit!”

Whether you’re looking for an RV to purchase or rent, a shabin (shed-cabin) or cabins for rent in Harrison Hot Springs, Springs RV Resort will surprise and delight you.

See the full post on Weekdays From Scratch, Tales of the Homemade Life.

North Shore Mama Enjoyed a Holiday at Springs RV Resort!

Local blogger, Jessica Blumel of North Shore Mama, stayed with us recently and absolutely loves Harrison Hot Springs as a family vacation spot and highly recommends Springs RV Resort!

The first big plus that Jessica mentioned was having a beautiful, family vacation spot located so close to Vancouver. Harrison Hot Springs is only about 90 minutes away. Also, a top mention is the affordability of owning land at Springs RV.

Jessica and her family all had a great time and found lots of fun things to do that everyone could enjoy. The children loved playing in the swimming pools and at playground at Springs RV, and also, just a four minute drive away is access to the town of Harrison Hot Springs which is right on the lake. Strolling, ice cream eating and playing in and at the lake were all on the agenda there.

Springs RV Resort in BC, Harrison Hot Springs RV Resort

Springs RV Resort Harrison - Relaxing at the lakeRead the full post and see more of Jessica’s wonderful pictures of her family trip on North Shore Mama.

The Springs RV Resort offers overnight rental, seasonal leases and sites for purchase, making the resort dream within reach. Ownership provides a home base in a resort community of friends and family. Yet, an RV’er is still free to go travel and explore where their time and interests carry them. 

Families Enjoy Springs RV Resort – Best Places to Stay in Harrison Hot Springs

We were happy to host Vancouver mom blogger and communications specialist, Bianca Bujan, as well as her husband and 3 kids, for a recent weekend at Springs RV Resort!

Springs RV Resort one of the best places to stay in Harrison Hot Springs

photo credits: Bianca Bujan,

Bianca loved that Springs RV Resort “wasn’t your average trailer park, [it] was a luxury retreaet – complete with a plethora of kid-friendly amenities and family activities.” Though Bianca had stayed before at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, she found the Springs RV Resort at Harrison a great choice for families and added it to her list of the best places to stay in Harrison Hot Springs.

She also loved the cleanliness of the grounds, how each lot was landscaped, and the way each lot has either a rough-cut timber deck or gazebo as well as a “shabin” (SpringsRV shabins are shed-cabins with kid bunk beds).  “The shabin was definitely a highlight for my little ones who spent hours playing in their own little fortress,” she wrote.

best family friendly hikes in Harrison Hot Springs, best places to stay in Harrison Hot Springs

photo credits: Bianca Bujan,

It was nice to see Biana and her family enjoying lots of outdoor activities such as hiking in the nearby forested trails (kid-friendly length!), playing in the playground and splashing in the several pools.

best places to stay in Harrison Hot Springs with kids, best places to stay in Harrison Hot Springs with children

photo credits: Bianca Bujan,

Bianca said: “But what I loved most of all was the sense of community that I felt while living amongst the people who call this unique and special place their Summer home. People waved as we passed them by, and there were many family-friendly events and activities designed to unite the people of Springs RV Resort, including outdoor movies, community BBQs, and kids’ crafts.”

The Springs RV Resort offers overnight rental, seasonal leases and sites for purchase, making the resort dream within reach. Ownership provides a home base in a resort community of friends and family. Yet, an RV’er is still free to go travel and explore where their time and interests carry them. 

Come by anytime for a tour and see why the Springs RV Resort was rated one of the top RV Resorts in North America. Phase two is now completed (2015) and there are 62 new RV lots available with 50 amp service.

To read the whole story, see Bits of Bee.

Sasquatch Sightings, Sasquatch Festival – Harrison Hot Springs

Posted by Mary

Wild Man!  Sasquatch derives its name from a Sts’ailes word which loosely translates to Wild Man or Hairy Man, a primary caretaker who watches over the land.  Tales of this large, hairy creature are abundant in the Pacific North West and stir the imaginations of children and adults alike.


Sasquatch is important both culturally and spiritually to the Sts’ailes people and their experiences with Sasquatch go back thousands of years.  Sasq’ets is believed to have the ability to move between the physical and spiritual realms. Sasquatch sightings are to be considered a gift, a very rare and fortunate event.

Harrison Hot Spring’s very own John Green, a Canadian researcher, has been searching for Sasquatch, also known as Big Foot, since 1957 and has investigated hundreds if not thousands of Sasquatch sightings. Big Foot is usually described as a large, hairy bipedal humanoid.  Descriptions of Sasquatch are varied in both height and colour.  Some claim to have seen a creature as big as fourteen feet tall!


Here in Harrison Hot Springs, we both embrace and celebrate this elusive creature during Sasquatch Days, a family oriented, two day celebration.  This community gathering is hosted by the Sts’ailes First Nation and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.  Since it first began in 1938 this Sasquatch festival has grown to become a yearly event featuring entertainment, salmon BBQ’s, boat tours, arts & crafts exhibitions and informative talks on the Sasquatch from the Sts’ailes experts.

View the full post on our Musings blog: Sasquatch Sightings – Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Little Free Libraries in Harrison Hot Springs

Posted by Mary

Have you heard of Little Free Libraries?  You will notice them popping up in communities everywhere.  The concept is simple – take a book – return a book.  Often the simplest ideas are the best and Little Free Libraries embody the spirit of community, sharing and a love of literature.

little free libraries in Harrison Hot Springs

The Little Free Libraries are quite charming – their designs are all unique and often quirky, many resembling bird houses.  You will stumble upon these Little Libraries at beaches, in front of private homes, at bus stops, store fronts, on bike paths and trails in neighbourhoods everywhere from the United State to Ghana and Afghanistan.  They are a unique and creative blend of literacy promotion and community engagement.

little free libraries in Harrison Hot Springs 2

Read the rest of the post on Musings: Little Free Libraries in Harrison Hot Springs.

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